Are my patients covered?


Most patients with chronic, recurring musculoskeletal issues will notice immediate improvements to their lifestyle and well-being using osteopathy under an enhanced care scheme.


Practitioners at East St Kilda Sports & Spinal adopt a biopsychosocial approach to the management of all our patients to ensure that they can self-manage a condition once treatment has achieved its aims.


Schemes covering treatment include:







                                    Transport Accident Commission (TAC)




                                    Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)




                                    Medicare (EPC)*



* Under the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC), Medicare entitles General Practitioners to refer eligible patients for osteopathic treatment 5 times per year. Forms can be obtained from the Medicare website. Check that code 10966 (Osteopathy) has been ticked prior to handing the form to patients. Further enquiries can be made by contacting the clinic.