As your body ages you lose strength and
elasticity of ligaments and tendons
supporting your joints. This commonly leads
to wear and tear or arthritis. Osteopathic
treatment and management programs can
provide significant relief and slow the
progression of joint degeneration.



Arthritis refers to a collection of conditions affecting the joints. The majority of cases are related to wear and tear but there are other causes that are thought to be auto-immune related.

Normally cartilage between bones wears away. The natural response is for surrounding muscles to stiffen in order to protect it from further wear. Some of the symptoms and signs of arthritis include pain, chronic muscle stiffness, tendonitis and reduced function.



Joints affected by arthritis respond well to regular mobilisation that stimulates the flow of joint fluid. This helps lubricate the joint. Improved lubrication reduces stiffness, pain and prevents progression. Osteopathy eases muscle tension, which reduces the pressure over the joint.


Follow up

An active approach to arthritis is often the best. At East St Kilda Sports & Spinal we can guide you towards activities that stimulate joint lubrication without having too much impact to cause more wear and tea