Correct posture and movement patterns
early in life bode well for a healthy, happy
future. Give your child a head start with an
assessment and treatment to identify and
correct any major structural issues that
could affect them now and later in life.


Osteopathy and kids

Osteopaths are medically trained to identify and appropriately manage childhood aches and pains. The most impressive aspect of osteopathic treatment is in the identification of factors contributing to an injury. With that information a management plan can be created to prevent these factors from impacting on their growing bodies.



Many of the common posture related problems are a result of spending long hours on the couch or at the computer. Other causes are attributed to rapid growth spurts or congenital anomalies. Osgood schlatter’s, sever’s, scoliosis and congenital hip dysplasia are just a few of the common childhood related problems that we see. A great deal of children with sports injuries are a result of overuse, incorrect footwear and improper technique. Osteopaths can treat and provide advice on all of these issues.



Osteopathic treatment is gentle but effective, relying on established manual techniques such as massage, mobilisation, stretching and functional techniques to address the underlying cause. If your child needs further investigations or alternative treatments then I have the capacity to refer to the correct individual or profession.


Follow up

Like your family doctor, it’s reassuring to have an osteopath who knows you and your child as they move through the stages of growth and development. Besides receiving sound health advice and having a friendly chat, potential issues can be quickly identified and addressed so that they grow to be healthy and happy!