Highly recommended by Dr. Rodney Rowe, Kymdan latex mattresses have been clinically proven to provide truly effective orthopaedic support. 


Natural latex is firm, yet elastic, with the ability to conform to your body shape - alleviating the areas of high pressure by providing orthopaedic support throughout the night. Dr. Rodney Rowe recognises that Kymdan latex mattresses have the ability to achieve and maintain proper posture during sleep, helping to relieve pain in the back, spine and neck. 


Dr. Rowe believes that natural latex mattresses have many advantages over traditional mattresses because they offer the optimal level of support required, combined with softness and comfort. 

"I highly recommend KYMDAN Latex Mattresses to all my patients"  

Dr. Rodney Rowe

Melbourne OSteopath

Mattresses need to provide an environment in which the skeletal system is fully supported, whilst maintaining correct postural alignment - but this needs to be achieved with comfort. Latex provides the ideal solution, as it is a cushioning surface in itself; when combined with ventilation holes, this adds softness to the support to accomodate any type of sleeper. 


The way natural latex mattresses disperse and distribute body weight during sleep removes the pressure from bony prominences (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles) and allows the musculo-skeletal system to relax. By providing a sleep environment which is comfortable yet supportive, Kymdan latex mattresses can genuinely help to provide sleep that is both remedial and refreshing. 

The superior cell structure of Kymdan latex mattresses provides enhanced levels of firmness, resulting in superb comfort and optimal orthopaedic support.