Osteopathic treatment is incredibly
beneficial during pregnancy. It helps to ease
tension in tight areas such as the neck and
low back and reduces the demands of the
growing baby on your body. At East St Kilda
Sports & Spinal we have a pregnancy cushion
that allows you to be treated face down.


Osteopathy and pregnancy

Osteo treatment and advice enhances your body’s ability to accommodate the growing baby. Treatment is always safe and each technique selected is gentle but effective. The aim of my treatment is to assist your pregnancy in being hassle free and with a quick recovery after labour.



Common problems that osteopaths can help with during pregnancy include lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Structural and hormonal changes take place and cause a shift in your centre of gravity and can exaggerate your spinal curvature. Any pre-existing weaknesses can be placed under further load and may start to injure, leading to stiffness and pain.



Treatment can be very beneficial before, during and after your pregnancy. Safety is paramount and practitioners at our clinic are dynamic, knowledgeable and gentle. Osteopaths have 5 years of medical training at university. Most commonly we use manual techniques including massage, mid range stretches, mobilisations and gentle adjustments to achieve effective results. We can also provide you with guidance on preventative exercise including walking, weights and pilates.


Follow up

Osteopaths provide helpful advice on breast feeding, lifting and exercise to help get your body back to its pre-pregnancy condition.


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