Sports Injuries



A quick and accurate diagnosis of your
sporting injury is essential to getting it
under control. At East St Kilda Sports &
Spinal, we have a strong background in
all things sporting related. Osteopathic
treatment is the ideal first port of call for
your injury because we work equally as
hard as you do to get everything working
as it should.



With any sports injury it’s important to have an understanding of why it actually happened. Osteopaths can help narrow down and address the contributing factors such as hamstring tightness, incorrect footwear or poor running technique.



Osteopathic techniques speed up healing, relieve pain and we determine and manage those factors that may have contributed to your original injury. The aim is to reduce the chances of this reoccurring so that you can resume your chosen sport without risk of reinjury.


What sets us apart
  • We provide an accurate diagnosis or refer you for scans if needed

  • We consult you and your coaches to devise a treatment program to get you back to sport sooner

  • Our treatments are hands on

Follow up

We provide the right treatment, advice and exercises to help prevent the original injury from reoccurring.