Tune ups (Maintenance)



Preventative osteopathic treatment helps to keep you in
control of your body. Osteopaths at East St Kilda Sports
& Spinal can identify and fix potential problems before
they become painful.


Why use us

Correcting minor imbalances of function or posture help get
the most out of your body and stay pain free. Likewise,
ignoring small issues often leads to more serious problems
that are painful and require time away from doing what you
enjoy most.



Our treatments are always individual and we’re highly skilled at identifying minor issues before they escalate into something more serious. We treat using mechanical, postural and functional standpoints and techniques can include manipulation, massage, mobilisation, stretching, rehabilitation, pilates and lifestyle/nutritional advice.


Follow up

We’re not in the business of over-treating our patients but we can provide you with a plan that ensures you stay in optimal condition. Often patients visit us once every few months for a check-up.