Clinical Yoga with Daniel Gaitz (Sports Osteopath)



By combining my yoga training with my knowledge as an Osteopath I am able help my patients at any physical level. From elite athletes looking to reach their true potential to beginners looking to start their Yoga journey, I cater my teachings to suite my individual patient’s needs.




Why Yoga?


As a health practitioner, I believe that all my patients should undertake some form of physical activity on a regular basis. When performed correctly, Yoga can help a person achive far more than just flexibility.  It's no secret that Yoga has numerous health benefits on stength, flexbility, lung capacity,  weight loss, anxiety, insomnia and more.


What is Clinical Yoga?

I do not believe injuries should be an excuse for not exercising. Yet I can understand why many of my patients are fearful of joining a regular yoga class, especially if they have an injury.



My beginers courses are designed to help take the fear out of yoga and help my patients build enough confidence to join any class that they desire. Some of my courses include:


  • Yoga for Back Pain and Disc Injuries

  • Yoga for Neck Pain and Headaches

  • Yoga for Knee pain

  • Yoga for Runners (Injury Prevention)