Pilates is one of the most effective exercise regimes for your
core stability and balance. It’s suitable for anyone and has
positive effects on your posture and movement. Use pilates
as a gentle alternative to develop your strength and
endurance, to control pain or to assist your current training


How pilates works

Pilates exercises develop the deep stabilising muscles
adjacent to your spine by using spring loaded resistance
to carry out controlled arm, leg and spinal movements.


The studio

We have two modern
reformer beds and a trapeze
table in our cosy studio
space. Full length mirrors,
polished floorboards, plenty
of light and heating and
cooling make it a special
space to do your pilates


About us

At East St Kilda Sports & Spinal Clinic we’re experienced pilates practitioners who are up to date with current research into spinal stability for safe training and injury management. Our background in osteopathy gives us expert skills in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and correction of movement dysfunction.


Supervised Sessions

We conduct tailored studio sessions for individuals and small groups. An initial assessment is required to analyse movement patterns and posture and to investigate any current or previous injuries.


Go on, give it a try!

Book a session to see for yourself how pilates can make you feel strong and in control.